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I admit I don’t have an idea

​Hey to everyone that smiles now and everyone that hopefully will soon. Basically hey and welcome in my little attempt of writing my first blog post.

Well this is a thing for a good few years now, starting a blog that is. People say the key is to have an idea. Some vision of “Where do you want to go with it?”, “What do you want to achieve?” and other blablabla stuff. I don’t have any of those, not really haha. Is that bad? Is that bad that I don’t really have an idea? Hmm I don’t know. I may not achieve some ‘success’ all people are going on about. But what’s success really? There is something funny in it (well maybe, just I think so hmm haha. I find a lot of things funny sooo). You may ask with sarcastic voice (that’s what I would do hmm, probably cause I don’t really know. I’m not you am I? Hmm nah that would be weird so lets stay with that, I’m myself and you are yourself, ok?) (also sorry for long () thingy I would have lost track of plot already haha hmm doing it again) soooo as I was saying you can ask with sarcastic voice “So why on a dwarf are you starting this blog?!” I understand your concern thanks hmm, the answer is because hmm, yeah that’s good question nah but honestly I just find it enjoyable seems like enough for a reason at least for me and I hope someone else will find it enjoyable too that would be great so why not? Just why not?

Now weird thing get ready for it pam pa ram I… have a lot of ideas. I know haha you are probably thinking “You just said you dont have any. Decide.” Maybe rolling your eyes too I don’t really know since we came to the conclusion that I’m not you hmmm. But I actually have a lot of ideas. Ideas that are sitting in my head hmm maybe rather jumping around it. I have a lot of stories to tell ideas to share and probably the most messy rambles. Afterall that’s why people start blogs. I’m not really an exception here. Just would like to share things. That’s kinda funny thing about beeing human-we all are such a great individuals but make great puzzle picture together. We create communities and share things we build societies and create that picture. It’s truely wonderful that nowadays we can build it on such a huge scale so easly. Learn from each other and share things we care about. That’s my idea. Why have I said I don’t have any then? Answer is cause I… don’t. I know putting a lot of antithesis here but excuse me that. Writing first post on so late probably isn’t the best idea too but ciii. Soooo what I’m on about with that ideas thingy? That you can be spontaneous and that it is alright to do things just because you feel like so. Just because you have a feeling it can be nice. I can bet I’ll make deeper philosophy according to that like don’t do wrong things if you feel like that’s sth nice or sth. But you know what? It’s alright for now. Things don’t have to be all on point and perfect. I mean I wish I could edit this post milion times and make it better or even delate it cause I’m already thinking like: “Girl what are you rambeling about again. It doesn’t have any sense silly” but I won’t do that. Sometimes to build that beautiful picture we have to risk. Just will take my own advice and simply make it happen.  What’s that it? I don’t know yet. We will see…

Till then… Smile


Thanks for reading. Remember you can always comment my little ramble down below or do other funny little social media stuff. Would love to hear sth from you so we can build our little picture together.

PS. Special thanks for my lovely friend Harsh for motivation and just making little corner in internet for me cause I admit I struggle with that little making things thingy too. And thanks for reading it through and editing that silly little ” .  and stuff cause without that my mess would be probably too messy.


14 thoughts on “I admit I don’t have an idea

    1. Thank you very much Imagine how happy (ok /tired haha) I was when I saw your comment that is my first at 3 am. Like a little dream really. I’m glad you liked it. You made my day well night too haha

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